GWHCC Business Expo

This event was provided by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which we are proudly members of ( What a moving and life changing experience this was! Every kind of business imaginable attended; start-ups, established companies seeking to grow further, veterans sharing their words of wisdom, international organizations, and even individuals looking for the courage to begin something on their own. We had our very own booth with a table full of BWC marketing materials as well as a delicious plate of alfajores. Each person who approached us had a story to tell and needed advice on how to take what they created to the next level.

The most memorable story was about a painter who began working with a larger company but was not happy there. He decided to use all his life savings to start his own company. He hired employees to help him with the increasing demand of customers but all the revenue earned was going to them instead of to the one who started it all. He needed help figuring out the cost of each job so that everyone would receive a fair share of the earnings. We advised him to do some homework to see what close competitors were charging and to offer discounts on other services. This way, he could beat the prices of those competitors which would increase the volume of his services and in the end bring home more revenue for him and his employees.

The second part of the expo was the Business Matchmaking session. Based on BWC’s capabilities, we were matched with certain government agencies who passed along valuable resources and contacts to help us grow. Dave had the privilege of meeting with USAID, US Department of Transportation, General Services Administration, and the Federal Reserve Board. Each representative explained how to pursue opportunities within their agencies and discussed critical factors in terms of successful bidding for federal government contracts.

It is events like this that not only bring potential clients and partners, but give hope for immigrants and new startups to make their dreams come true.