Improving Your Profitability

Input Efficiency The first aspect of business operations is to examine input efficiency. This is commonly measured by knowing how much cost you incur for everything you sell. It goes beyond calculating overall gross profit by deducting from sales revenue the direct costs to manufacture or acquire goods. The truly useful figures are gross profit […]

How a Working Budget Benefits Your Business

Many microenterprises and solopreneurs believe they are too small to need a working budget. Some start-up owners who are busy launching their operations think it’s a waste to spend time developing one. And some small and medium-sized enterprise owners reason: “It’s just a shot in the dark, anyway.”But no matter how small or entrepreneurial your business, […]

Should You Become the Face of the Company?

In today’s world, people often base purchasing choices, employment decisions and investment picks on their opinion of an organization’s top leader. Think of Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs or Meg Whitman. A company’s reputation is closely linked to that of its chief executive officer (CEO), and the credibility of the top banana greatly influences whether people […]